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My name is Madeline Gassner and I am an artist based out of Wisconsin with goals of collaborations of photography, graphic illustrations, and advertising. I feel most comfortable working with technology when it comes to art – Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and my devices are my preferred medium. I find inspiration within my senses to create daily works – what I see, feel, and what happens daily throughout my life. I also finds herself pursuing fantasy art and dark creations. I am  a recent graduate from St. Norbert College have been creating new pieces of artwork in my free-time, learning new skills, and building connections in the art world. 
In my future, I possibly see myself continuing her education of graphic design to learn new skills and to possibly teach others about graphic design. I run and have designed my own online portfolio (which you are currently viewing, thanks for being here!) and also post on several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram about my art under the handle @Art By Madeline Gassner. I am a fast worker, am very tech savvy, and like to challenge myself on learning new things about graphic design softwares. Within my experience as an artist, I have also had several of my art pieces featured in many shows and exhibits throughout Wisconsin. I am hoping that working as a freelance artist will build my experience, knowledge, and connections with other professional artists.

Pictured with artist, Don Nedobeck, in 2019. 

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